What’s better than the smell of a freshly brewed espresso? 

For me, nothing. The odor enters my nasal passages and I feel my lungs fill with the wonderfully pungent energy the brew gives off. They say you eat with your eyes first, but I think the odor hits your palate before you see what you consume. The smell of coffee can evoke a lot of thoughts and images in your head; for me, I’m reminded of the comfort of my nonna and nonno’s house and the smell of coffee and sounds of screaming Italian soccer commentators on Sundays (just another one of my passions), or the sounds of screaming Italians (usually my grandparents fighting). Call me nostalgic but coffee brings me back to my roots.

Do you have a similar experience with coffee or food? 


4 thoughts on “What’s better than the smell of a freshly brewed espresso? 

  1. Coffee evokes the same nostalgia for me as well since I am reminded of my dad and uncles brewing coffee together in the mornings when I was a child. The smell of coffee or espresso has become so comforting to me now because of the memories!


  2. This is a cute post! Love the addition of the brief audiovisual! For me too the brewing of coffee brings me home (which is so far away). Caffeculturato, like mom and grandma I make my coffee with a slow pour over, using filter cone. Nice and hot. Compared to Europe I find the coffees often lukewarm here in Toronto. Baristas tell me it’s because that temperature brings out a better taste of the coffee. What do you think?


    1. Thanks for the compliments! To be honest, I tend to agree with the baristas, Italian-style coffee is often served warm and not piping hot. I find American-style coffee more on the hot side. That’s why in Italy they have a coffee called ‘Americano’ which is readily available here–they add boiling water to a shot or two of espresso. Of course the exception would be if you make espresso through a mock on a stovetop.


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