musica + caffè = serenità

Buondì, amici.

I woke up today the happiest guy around because I had the honor of going to see one of my idols live last night here in Toronto. Ever since I was young I remember listening to him when my mom would be an Italian Cinderella and spend the day cleaning around the house. It’s funny because I do the same thing now too. I’m talking about the incredibly passionate Eros Ramazzotti. I’m sure many people don’t know who he is but let me assure you, he is an international superstar, who has sold millions of albums in both Italian and Spanish. He’s the real deal.

So this morning I made myself a lil espresso and re-lived some moments from last night.

I guess that’s the thing about this experience: finding joy in something routine. Coffee + good music equals something special. So find your groove and just take in the moment from time to time


Che lo spettacolo della vita abbia inizio.


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