This place right here…This place is literally my childhood in a bakery. I remember as a kid on Sundays after church my family would go to Francesca’s bakery and get bread for our big lunch and cannoli to “digest” (I might say that often because according to my nonno, everything helps you digest, lol). Anyway, I’ve learned to really love and appreciate this place because I see it as the last bastion of Italianità in Scarborough. I grew up in Scarborough and remember it being a very Italian place… but things have definitely changed around there!

Anyway, to start this new adventure, I think it’s almost fitting to start with my past, so I am honored to have chosen this family-run bakery. Owner Angelo is ever-present both in the back and also in the store-front. His son has taken on an important role in the bakery and it’s impressive that the torch will go on for another generation!

Apart from the sweets, Francesca’s offers an inviting tavola calda (hot table) where the best arancine (Sicilian rice balls) in the city reside. At lunch on any given day, this place is bustling with anyone from business people from nearby offices to old nonni grabbing a bite. I always take that as a good sign. Their newly-renovated store is inviting and some of their staff know me on a first-name basis due to my practical upbringing there. I really and truly love this place!

Okay but seriously, to “digest” my lunch, I had a “corto” or short espresso…I actually agree with my nonno that coffee helps you digest. The espresso here was nice and creamy, made from tried and trusted Lavazza toasted beans. The quality Sofia machine brewed a coffee I haven’t had since I was a vacationer in Sicily over the summer… It brought me back, to say the least! Too bad the weather in Toronto isn’t sunny today.

I’d say today was a good start to this adventure and a perfect hommage to National Coffee Day!

Thanks for tuning in!

Ci sentiamo!


P.S.: try their ciambelle too if you can, they’re bomb dot com.

Check them out:

Twitter: @francescabakery

Insta: @francescabakery

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